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jasanddavidThe Compass Institute Inc. is an award winning Sunshine Coast based Charity dedicated to providing support for people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. Compass began in 1992 providing Alternative Education programmes to over seven thousand at-risk youth through local schools. In 2003, Compass followed its dream to open a post-secondary service for young people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. This was part of a long held dream to dramatically change the philosophy behind this type of service from one of passive recreation to a pathway of lifelong learning, skills based training and vocational opportunities. Our staff and young people are living proof that anything is possible where there is a vision, self-belief and a strong work ethic.

Learning Space

You can keep learning and growing as a person through a range of lifelong learning opportunities.

Training Space

Skills based training towards a variety of vocational outcomes… a springboard into new opportunities.

Creative Space

Diverse programs that explore a wide variety of creative arts and interests.

Work Space

Creating flexible employment and on-the-job training for young people with disabilities.


Therapeutic opportunities to increase health, well-being and participation.


Our Lifestyle programs assist young people to become integrated into their community.

Compass Assistance Dogs

The Compass Assistance Dogs program was initiated to provide access to Service Dogs in our community.  Service dogs play a vital role in providing a real sense of comfort, assistance and independence to persons with a disability, as well as helping them carry out day to tasks which are often taken for granted.

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