Everyone wants to be valued for what they do. Employment for people with moderate levels of disability can be a real challenge… and it’s a challenge that Compass has addressed. We have established five small ‘social enterprises’ that specifically provide flexible employment and on-the-job training for young people with disabilities who would not otherwise be able to find employment. Because we don’t believe in the sheltered workshop model, the Compass enterprises are completely integrated into the community and meet a genuine local need. The young people are in regular interaction with their customers and are trained and supported to meet the needs of those customers.

We’re incredibly proud of this achievement and so are the young people who staff the enterprises. Why don’t you visit our shop – Wabi Sabi – in Palmwoods to sample our various products… get your lawns, gardens or windows done by our team, buy from our nursery or even visit the Compass Farm? We guarantee you’ll have a smile that will last a very long time because our young people love what they do… and it shows!

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