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The Compass Caboolture (TAFE) Campus was established in late 2018 as part of a vision to partner with TAFE Queensland in providing a genuinely integrated learning space for young adults with and without a disability. Now as a mature Campus, Compass Caboolture TAFE offers a wide range of developmental and skills-based programmes in a setting that encourages social inclusion at all levels.

Compass Caboolture TAFE has also developed a very innovative approach to capacity building via a pathway of vocational and creative pursuits that see the trainees not only making a wide variety of beautiful art and craft items, but also manning a regular Market Stall in a popular Shopping hub. Customer service, money handling, gift wrapping and just chatting with passers-by are all part of the growth experience for the Trainees.

Of course, our Trainees are also demonstrating to everyone they come in contact with that they are valuable members of the Caboolture community… changing hearts and minds with a smile!


At our Caboolture TAFE Campus, Trainees are supported through a structured Learning and Development program, which covers key elements including Life and Socials Skills, Independent Living Skills, Literacy and Numeracy, Work Readiness and Travel Training.

Read more about our Learning and Development Program here.

Compass Caboolture TAFE also offers a number of diverse creative and skill-building activities, including:

  • Performing Arts and Dance – enjoy expressing yourself through drama, art, music and dance
  • Stall Crafts and Creative Arts – including candle making, jewellery making, bath products and woodwork
  • Health and Wellbeing – learn about healthy eating and exercise and have fun with a range of different modalities including martial arts
  • Multi-media – this innovative program includes hands-on training across photography, animation, videography and more
  • Horticulture and gardening – learn to grow, look after and prepare plants for sale with access to our on-site greenhouse 


We believe in the power of structured learning and creating meaningful opportunities for continuous development and growth. We also believe that each person has unique passions, talents and abilities, and pride ourselves on offering as many diverse opportunities as possible to help nurture these.

Compass Caboolture (TAFE) is growing and can support a large number of Trainees on a daily basis. Our learning and development and skills-based training programs are tailored to the goals, capabilities and passions of each new Trainee that joins.

There’s a world of opportunity at Compass Caboolture! Contact us to find out more about whether this is the Campus for you.
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