Compass Staff Breakup

Compass Staff Break-up Party at Connections Cafe… what an awesome evening of fun & friendship! Go Team Compass!!


Compass Caloundra Christmas Breakup

Thanks Andino Magician for your visit to our Caloundra Centre for our end of year break up day!

We really enjoyed your magic tricks and interaction with all of our guys! They were very intrigued by you and your talents.

We thoroughly recommend you to anyone wishing your services!


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Compass Institute hosts annual night of nights

The Compass Institute Awards Night.
 EACH year, The Compass Institute disability service holds an awards night for families, staff and supporters of the Sunshine Coast organisation.

The night showcases the achievement of the Compass trainees, allowing them to dress up, attend a fancy gala and receive awards and trophies for their immense effort throughout the year.

What’s more, they even get to dance the night away with all of their friends.

The Compass InstItute Awards NIght.

There is no judgment and no ridicule – just big smiles on the faces of everyone involved.

The Compass InstItute Awards NIght.

This event offers a chance to celebrate achievements from the year to for Compass, which has more than 100 trainees and 45 staff, to show its appreciation to those who attend and support the organisation.

The Compass InstItute Awards NIght.